could someone help me with div position
This is code:

<th width="200" scope="col" bgcolor="#666666"">
    <div class="css" id="myOtherElement">
			<a href="#">Menuelement 1</a>
			<a href="#">Menuelement 2</a>
			<a href="#">Menuelement 3</a>

css code:


the problem is when i set its position, the javascript(mootools) doesn't work.
i want to find another way of changing the position

I'm not sure what you mean. Is the problem that your javascript function, when called, does not reposition the elements from what is specified in CSS?

If this is the case, it is because Javascript can't reposition an element if its position is specified in an external stylesheet. Instead, try making these style specifications inline, and that should work better.

Hope this helps.

I mean that when i call position method its postion changes but javascript will not work

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