Hello all,

I'm new to this, so please excuse anything that isn't being done 'right'. I am creating a page that contains 3 sections, spread across the width of my page. The idea is to create 3 separate content areas.

I've created these sections using div elements. The 3 divs have a defined width, but no defined height. The idea is that although the column width is fixed, the page will simply expand downwards to accept whatever is entered.

The trouble i'm having is getting all 3 divs to expand down by the same amount. So for example, I enter 1000 words into the first column, but only 100 in the second and third, all three must expand to the same height. How can this be achieved?

The reason I need them all to expand is their background color, which is different for each column.

The solution to my problem can be found here:


I've tried it and tested it and it works well if anyone else is in a similar position.

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