I want to do a flash menu bar without using any of macromedia flash software., i can do it with flash but I see there are sooo many websites with flash menu bar, but when i right click, it doesnt look like it has been done by flash. simple example, the menu bar in daniweb website ( HOME - FORUMS - TUTORIALS ..... ) .,

can somebody help me plzzz
thanx in advance

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You can use JavaScript to create this type of behaviour. E.g. changing colours (when mouse cursor is over the button) can be achieved using "onmouseover".

You can use JavaScript affects!

You can Use Mouse Handler
and Event handlers For Such Animations
Use JScripts

You can use CSS as well. You can also make several images to use as over, down, up, over while down.

Yeah CSS is probably a bit more portable than javascript too

Dont rely on hovering for your enitre navigation though or it will cause problems for users with non-pointing devices e.g touchscreens

Hovering action also causes trouble for dyslexics. It is not an accessible technology. Cute, but very disorienting for people with sensory disorders.

yap!! CSS or Java would sort you out. if you decide to use CSS, just make sure that you increment it correctly, otherwise put it in table format so you can style the <td>, otherwise you need about 3 files for Java that you need to style. if you have cash at your dispossal, you might want to try componant art..it's pretty impressive!!

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