Can you provide screenshots that demonstrate that?

If there is a problem, it should be fixable with CSS.

I don't have time to deconstruct the page and make it like it was when it failed again.

No, you don't. That's probably what is causing your problems.

How do you know what I need?

The real page has several boxes with borders and text nested inside each other. The boxes are different colors. I can't get the borders to render in the same way if I use divs. The margins render in totally different ways. One of the browsers totally leaves out the margin when the div is inside a table cell.

And the div will NOT expand to fill the table cell. That is the primary problem, and you are dancing around it.

No answer, huh?

I'm talking about using div to make a page that doesn't fall apart if someone (or the browser) looks at it wrong.

Yes, so am I.

How is this achieved? When you shrink the browser window, or use a different screen resolution, the divs won't stay put.

Well it's achieved bye setting positions it's actually really easy to set positions i find o.O. i can set headers and footers and menu's and content panels al over my site and as long as there set to go no higher and no further left or right then i specify they will align when i set them and lets said content is

<div class="content">
jibberish with some images and links </div>
<style type="text/css">
.content {
position:absolute; /*what ever you use*/

the content will be centered but if browser or screen res get smaller the page will stay centered but once 200px left or right is surpassed then the scrollbars will apear BUT the panel it self will not move

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