Let's say, I have created a webside without thinking about any CMS program. Can i later use a CMS to manipulate my website? Or, should i have created website with CMS at the begining?


Hi.....You should have created one before developing your web site. Ok be late rather than never, I would suggest you to create one at least now.

We should create our website with CMS in the begining because it would be beneficial for you.. it'll save your time ... you can put CMS even after creating your website but it would be wastage of time (because you need some changes that resemble with CMS settings ...)...

so better option is you should put CMS while developing your website



When you say "You should have created one before developing your web site", do you mean one page of my website?

This may be too late to mention as this thread began well over a month ago! But if you plan to obtain and install a pre-existing cms say something like Website Baker or Redaxscript, then it is good protocol to install the cms before designing and building your own form of website. The reason for this is because most, or nearly all, of cms's come complete with a set of templates built to manage and display content. Therefore it is easier to redesign and manipulate the supplied templates rather than trying to apply the cms to your own. However, i'm sure your able to use code from what you've already constructed and use it in your cms (if you haven't already done so!)

So whilst a CMS does has it benefits, they're some that are a nightmare.

@Arunjit: I agree with you there. But I'm yet to come across the CMS that produces clean codes. Most of the ones I've used (and I've used quite a few) end of giving more problems than solving them.

It's easier to start developing your site with a CMS but nothing stops you from integrating same into your site later on provided you know what you're doing.