Hi there,

I have a web page that looks different in Firefox than in IE. Here is the page:


The specific things I find odd are:

1. Divs with "For more information..." text shows up on 3 lines in Firefox, 4 lines in IE.
2. There seems to be spaces between the page heading "Interactive Trade Show/Exhibit Hall Floor Plans" and the logo above it in Firefox. In IE there are no spaces.
3. On my Google Map, the map type button has towo lines of text in Firefox, and, only one line in IE (correct).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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IE and Firefox display things slightly different:

- IE makes characters in some fonts one pixel wider than Firefox does.

- Firefox counts the surrounding styles (margin, border, padding) as being OUTSIDE the declared width or height of some box objects. IE stuffs those surrounding styles INSIDE the declared width or height of the box object. So Firefox renders the object in a largfer space.

To fix this, nest two box objects, one with the declared size, and the other with the surrounding styles.

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