Hi, I'm new to web design and I need some help with page redirection.

I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 with ADDt installed. The story goes like this:-

I've made a page called [ item_list.php ] where there are currently 2 links to [ item_info.php?item_id=1 ] and [ item_info.php?item_id=2 ]. When a user clicks either they will go to page for item 1 or item 2. [ item_info.php ] is a page that will be used to display each item's information individually, depending on item_id passed earlier. In [ item_info.php ], there's also a form for users to add further info, displayed only if they're logged in. The login form is also in the [ item_info.php ] page for convenience.

So, my question is, what do i put into the success redirect page box? I've tried:- item_info.php?item_id={GET.item_id} and item_info.php?item_id=echo $_GET('item_id') into the redirect box but both doesnt work....they redirected me to item_info with item_id=0

Please help. Thanks!

I got it to work already and I found out it to be a typo error. Issue solved.

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