Hi All,
I created one new website that total capacity is 1.10 M.B. only. But for openg these website its taking so much time. I am not getting y like this and my prev website was around 21 M.B.

Can any one tell me the reason y like dis.


Where is the site placed ? Problems can be in webhosting and their server, if it's slow.

Also it can be in your code.

Is all your content on the one server? Are you running any analytics on the site? You can only control what is on your server.

There are several possibilities:

1. If you changed servers, the different servers might have different trunk bitrates, and/or different levels of server traffic.

To test for traffic loading problems, download your site late at night, and see if it is faster.

2. Are you waiting for a stupid ad to load? Low cost servers pay for the difference by putting an ad on the page. Many ad servers, especially doubleclick,net, oversubscribe their services. This causes delays while the browser waits for the ad server to finally send the ad.

If the ad server is down, you have to wait until the browser times out on the ad. Ad servers also work faster at low-traffic times, except when they are doing daily backups.

3. Have you also change Internet Service Providers (ISP)? This can also affect your speed, if the ISP is overloaded.

4. Is there something in the new page that triggers a virus scan, a firewall screening, or a manual permission request to a sysop?

5. Is there some kind of file on the new page that has low priority on the server?

6. Is there some kind of file that requires a special download to function?