embed fonts even when not available on client's system

place the font on your server

@font-face {font-family: THISFONT; src: url(resolved-path-to-THISFONT.ttf);}

then you can reference the font

thats good ... but it didn't work when i delete the font from my system to view as if i don't have the font installed.... it didn't work....

what kind of fonts can i use....


only Chrome has yet implemented font embedding, I tried it a few times, curious, but do not know whether that part of css2 is widely implemented yet
there are some discussions and tutorials on embedding fonts in web pages using the .eot standard. but for practical purposes, visitors wont be able to acess the font in 'common' browsers, it wont work


The only way I know to compatibly include a font the user does not have installed is to create an image file containing the text in the font you want, and put the image on the website.