yes thats my question.
IN USA and Canada?
high salaries are paid to graphics designers or programmers?
Please reply from USA or Canada so i can know exactly...

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That's an interesting question. I think it would have to do with the quality of your work, for programmers and designers. I know that 3d designers get paid very well, so again it all has to do with how well you are with your craft.

I also want to point out that PHP programmers would get paid more than static HTML/css programmers and that C and C++ programmers most likely get paid more than PHP programmers.


For us the pay scale totally depends on the quality and value added to the company. There are a few designers that make more than 95% of our office because they are solid professionals.

Yes we have one rockstar coder that gets paid the most... and some basic coders just out of grad school making the least.

All depends on the quality

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Yes quality is the most important thing in graphics and programming!
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