Sorry, if this is in the wrong forum, but it's the closet one I could find.

I just need some honest opinions regarding a site name and I am in kind of a time crunch here. I purchased the domain last night (and only have 24 hours to do a refund) and was happy with it until one of the senior admins that I was speaking with regarding the account made a comment about how he was getting confused, by the double "R's" and double "M's".

The site name it Your Roommate Finder, all one word... It's a site where obviously you can search for roommates, and later on, it's going to have forums and suggestions and a little more... Do you think I should switch the name?

I'm assuming the name is (or similar suffix) but you don't actually mention it. You mention the admin person getting confused with the 'double R' and there is no double R in that URL so I'm not even sure that's the right one.
If it is roommatefinder I don't see any real problem with it. Its easy to remember and uses normal spelling. You might consider including a '-' (to make it roommate-finder) but most people don't expect hyphens in URLs (my opinion at least).

Hope that helps,

no it's yourroommatefinder... I tried to get roommatefinder, but it's already taken even though it's not hooked up to a server. So, I'm not sure what the deal with that site is. Probably another site owned by roommates dot com. I can't even keep track of how many names that I wanted to use that they have as alias...

Due to people like them one day there will be a limit on how many aliases you can have.