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I guess this post kind of vaguely slightly possibly fits into this forum
sorry :P
but I know daniweb is very reliable for help so i thought id post on here.

Basically I need to register a website that I had registered this time last year, but a few weeks ago i decided not to renew it. So in theory when re-registering it now shouldnt be a problem however when I try to, it says I need to transfer it from my existing registrar. but i dont know who my existing registrar is!! :s

This is the result of a whois search
Domain name:

Max Mumford

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
336 Upper Shoreham Road
BN43 5QE

No registrar listed.

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 13-May-2007
Renewal date: 13-May-2009
Last updated: 29-Aug-2007

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:
No name servers listed.
Any ideas? :s

thanks guys


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I can only suggest to try trace payment on given date or close proximity. Never seen WHOIS not to return registrar result

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the reply. Ill send an email to nominet and see if they can find out anything.

The only problem with finding payment information is that the website is just a domain which uses a frame redirect service to get its content, so it was something like £3 a year so the payment would have been sometime last year so it might be very hard to dig it up.

Anyway thanks for your help =]

Still open to suggestions though


This can be a common problem. Registrars often own domains for other registrars and the cycle sometimes goes on a few level. The best thing to do is track one by one form the whi is listing. If the registrar mentioned in who is says that the domain is actually owned by some other registrar then they will be able to give name and a contact number. I have had to at times call 4 or 5 different companies in the chain but have ultimately been able to find the right one. I think this due to reselling between registrars.

I have never worked with a uk domain. But what i would recommend, is contact http://www.nominet.org.uk. They would probably assist you.

Someone else has grabbed your domain possibly.

Okay thanks for the help everybody =]

I Think these website are useful for you

Please read thread from start before replying with load of un-necessary links that are not related to described problem

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