So I have the following code

m = Microphone.get();
o = attachAudio(m);
onEnterFrame = function () {
	vol._xscale = m.activityLevel*100;
	soundvol = m.activityLevel;
	inputname = m.name;
	micgain = m.gain+"%";
	outputvolume = m.;
       freqvolume = \\something

As you can see, that code starts taking the input from a microhphone and visualizes the volume as a horizontal bar.
I have the variable freqvolume and I want that to be set to the volume/activityLevel of a certain frequency say 256 Hz (Middle C)
Is that possible?
Sam Rudge

Hmm, I'm not sure offhand!
I've had a brief tinker with capturing microphone input from flash using AS3, but I've not done anything much with it yet so I'm not entirely sure of the full range of capabilities. But I plan on taking a more detailed look at some point!

A while ago I was planning on creating a vocal training game for singers where flash plays a note or a series of notes which the player has to sing back. The game then analyses and gives feedback on the accuracy of the players response...But then I started messing with motion detection/motion capture and on the fly image processing using a webcam and flash/AS3! And I've been having way too much fun! heh heh! ;)

Consequently I haven't done anything with the singing game idea!

But if I do find anything out I'll let you know!
Cheers for now,