ok, new problem. I've created some buttons that essentially i have created for a quiz page. What i've designed them to do is when you click on them they should change in to their hit state and do nothing else. The yes buttons should show a tick on the hit state and the no buttons should show a cross on the hit state. Except that they do not change at all, what is wrong with them?

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You did not written any code for that and too there is no instance name of your hits and where is the event listeners?


what i want to happen is that i want then to stay in their hit state once they have been clicked. Just like a quiz, so that when they click the correct button it shows its hit state of a tick over it and when they click a wrong button it shows an x over it


Hey, you done in a wrong way. You utilized the hit button without knowing the purpose of that!. fine leave it.

I have attached a file for your solution, make it in that way. It will work.

Hope this solve!


ahh yes, thank you, that did work. i am very grateful for what you have done. its ashame i have to give a new instance name and attache3d code for every 20 quiz buttons that you created for me to work.

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