I have a png image which is 8 x 4 px and shows a white semicircle on a transparent background. This image is repeated across the width of the page (repeat-x). It works well in all browsers except IE6 where it shows as a thick blurry line. I already have a pngfix script and the other transparent png images that are on the webpage work fine.

I have had a Google but whereas I have found postings with the same problem, there doesn't seem to be a quick and easy solution. Does anyone know of a fix for this problem.
If all else fails, I'll resort to using a different image of IE6.

Thanks in advance.

ie6 does not support repeating trans pngs. If you have a script to bypass this, then perhaps paste here what it is.

I had looked at the solution here...

However, it didn't seem to help. I then looked at the solution below, using the optional js file.

The repeating image I am using is a semicircle with a transparent background which repeats horizontally across the whole page. I decided to use instead 3 different repeating gif images with the previously transparent part a different colour to suit the background. A bit messy, but the end result is much better.

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