I I'm pretty new to css, for uni we have to design this website (as specified and without moding the html) and im having trouble with a few things. I cant really post the code because none of the images will work (they are stored and passworded on the university server).

I have a few problems, for one i dont think i fully understand the float commands. I have floated these images so they sort of cascade side by side till the end of the page(they have paragraph tags so i stated that this divs p should float left), then the next line so on till they're done. Then in the next section, there are a different set of images, but the title is by the side of the first section of images (not starting a new line). Is that a positioning thing?

Can anyone help me with that? thanks in advance.

have you tried separating the title from the image with a <br /> ?

i really dont know about your html code.
here's what i've done with float problem
try to add new div under your paragraph and images ( which is float left )
the div will look like this :

		clear: left;

Don't worry about the images, just post your source

I usually find that when I float a load of images or list items, the containing div or list needs to have overflow:hidden added to the CSS.

Floating disrupts the natural flow of the document, adding overflow hidden to the container allows the document to re-flow after you've disrupted it. (That made more sense in my head)