Okay I've got 2 more problems for you guys!

1. I have to insert images using css (so im using background img) which works fine, and i've background-positioned it right, which is fine, but obviously the text goes over it. How can i change it so the text stops before the background image on each line. Sorry i dont know the command. Would i have to position the text? they're both in the same div.

2. I used the code below to put the next div on a separate line, its done that perfectly but also its sort of broken up the background color of white, so now only each p tag has white around it. Any ideas why? i dont know how to change it.

#divname   {
            clear: left;

1. If your text is in a <p> tag, you can adjust the right margin or padding, so it will not cover the image.

2. Unsure what you mean.

For 1, thanks a lot. For 2 I mean i have a bunch of pictures that are supposed to be side by side and then a div and then another load of em. The div is supposed to be separated so i used clear: left, but now my background color is sort of broken and only shows for each of the p tags (which surround the picture) but not the full box.

Sorry, need a visual. Do you have a link ?

Less information and we can't help you. Post both HTML and CSS.

Hi guys sorry been busy with uni, yeah no problems got it fixed. I couldn't post it due to half the page being derived from under external secured site. Still hard to explain but basically i set overflow to auto. No problems thanks guys.