Dear All,


I have one problem with html links.

Suppose we want to set the link in our html document, we use <a href="filename.html"> Link </a>
Suppose we want to go to a particular section to other html document then we use <a href="filename.html#name> Link </a>. Here in this case, we have to set the "name" attribute to filename.html.

But suppose i want to go to the particular section on the other website (which is already on internet. Suppose wikipedia).
Then what is the procedure.?
I am using the following code.
<a href=""> Link <a>.
The above link send me to "", but i can not reach to word "Techniques".

Anybody can help me for this.

Can anybody provide me the code for link, by using which we can go to the particular section of the existed website.

Thank you very much,

Nakul Pancholi

You can only jump to the sections, which are shown in the "Contents" block. Any others do not have a name link defined (in the case of wikipedia, at least).

Dear Ptritaeas,

Thanks for your reply. It is very helpful to me.

You are right..Wikipedia should have such name attribute at that place...But suppose it is not ther, is it possible to jump to the selected section. If yes then kindly send me the code.

Thanks you very much,

If there is no name tag, it is not possible to jump to that section.