What css do i use to set up the standard 5 box website? i forget its formal name, whats it called? The website layout, with a header, footer, centred centre page and the a right and left side.

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In my opinion this is the best reference:

That's one overly complicated way to get a simple three col layout!!!

<div id=wrapper>
<div id=header>
<div id=left>
<div id=content>
<div id=right>
<div id=footer>

That's how the rest of the world does it. With left, content and right all floated left. body has margin 0 and padding 0. Wrapper is given padding 0 and usually margin 0 auto. Width for header and footer usually the same as wrapper, and they both have margin 0 and padding 0.

Job done.

PS Formal name? ? ?

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Aww thanks man, formal name, i just meant are lecturer referred to the website with a header, left, centre, right, and footer as something. Doesn't matter. Thanks guys.


Perhaps the lecturer said standard three column layout

It's not an official name or anything, just something many people call it.

There's also the joke name of "Holy Grail" layout

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