I made a slideshow in dreamweaver which works, however when it gets to the end of the cycle it displays a black image before it loops again- how can i get this black 'image' to disappear?

In the header part:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var slideCache = new Array();

	function RunSlideShow(pictureName,imageFiles,displaySecs) {
		var imageSeparator = imageFiles.indexOf(";");
		var nextImage = imageFiles.substring(0,imageSeparator);
		if (document.all) {
		document.getElementById(pictureName).src = nextImage;
		if (document.all) {
		var futureImages= imageFiles.substring(imageSeparator+1,imageFiles.length) + ';' + nextImage;
		// Cache the next image to improve performance.
		imageSeparator = futureImages.indexOf(";");
		nextImage = futureImages.substring(0,imageSeparator);
		if (slideCache[nextImage] == null) {
			slideCache[nextImage] = new Image;
			slideCache[nextImage].src = nextImage;

In the body part: (class img = border:thin solid yellow; max-width:400px; padding:0;)

<table class="img" align="center">
			<img style="" id="foto" src="/images/opening/img01.jpg" height="240" width="306">
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
		+ "/images/opening/img02.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img03.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img04.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img05.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img06.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img07.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img08.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img09.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img10.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img11.jpg;"
		+ "/images/opening/img12.jpg",6);

Do you have a URL with this slideshow? It's easier to debug that way.

It's even easier if you use a script that already works in all browsers. I use this one and you get a free license if your site is a personal/non-profit one.

have not debugged the code, hate javascript, mess it up badly

could it be something simple like,
the size of the array of images is x, but the images are image[0] to image [x-1]
so the script is trying to display image[x] that does not exist and not displaying image[0] that does exist