I am learning how to use seamonkey to design a website and I want to know how I can make a photo album using this program. My other questions include;
1. Do you have any suggestions or an easy method of uploading a photo album to your software for placement on the Web?

2. Are all web photo software programs compatible with your software, or do I need to look for specifc features?

3. Do you offer a tutorial or support on how to upload the web photo album to my website?

SeaMonkey Project... Mozilla?

Um... First things first. Don't know much about it. But why would you be using that... When you got tons of other GREAT open souce wysiwyg editors. Nvu to mention one

I wasnt sure which editor to use in the first place and I dont know much about nvu. I had some training on netscape but netscape in my opinion is not stable therefore I went with sea monkey.

I have just looked at nvu (thank you for the link by the way) and it looks like im not the only one with the same query but Im not sure what program to use so I can link my homepage to the albums (if I can). :/

OK. Not sure if i'm getting you.

But you talking about HTML... Right?

If so;
It doesn't matter what editor you use. HTML is HTML. Different browsers render certain code differently (Especially IE, cause MS is full of Sh*t) - But this is more CSS than HTML itself

So go wild... use Notepad, it really won't make a difference just ensure you code is valid.

To answer your question:
There many ways to link your homepage to your album. It all depends how you create the album (You can place your images in tables, iframes(frames),even direct links or embed -if you using flash). Now I'm guessing you not a pro. So this is what a would suggest.
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