Rebuilt an existing site:

Old site used aspx pages, for example: (broken)

New site is in Joomla; new link is:

I tried a 301 redirect in .htaccess file but cld not get it to work.

I need a solution to redirect links to new pages and/or at least get them to redirect to the site's homepage.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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.htaccess on a windows server? You running Apache or IIS? If IIS, .htaccess won't work - well not without a lot of messing about. IIS should have its own way of providing a 301, but can't help with that as I know v. little about IIS.

No. The new server is Apache. The old server was IIS. That is part of the problem.

My apologies for not explaining the situation more fully.

The old server (IIS) is no longer. But the aspx links that it used still "live" in Google and I wld like to redirect those aspx links to the new (Apache) server site.

I have had limited success using a 301 redirect in .htaccess; for example:

Redirect 301 /Home.aspx

Works fine. But the example that I opened the post with:

Redirect 301 /Detail.aspx?dct=11&mid=1656

Does not work nor does any link that has a "?" after the aspx.

So I need a solution to redirect broken links that use the old aspx? nomenclature to the new pages at the site.

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Ah, I see, you need a regex (wo)man. I'm a complete numpty at regex - anybody else out there?

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