hi there, I just bought a new Toshiba p35-S6292 and it's awesome. I have an old Dell Inspiron 5000 and I have a lot of useful software on that computer. I would like to transfer those software to my new computer since I lost the original CD's of some.

So my question is, is there anyway I can transfer software from one computer to another? Please help me. Thanks a million in advance.


No, there's not.

Sorry to have to say so, but that's the strightforward situation.

I've never used this software, but PCMover by Laplink claims to be able to do the job.

I found a review on-line (sorry, I can't remember the link. You can Google it though.) that said it worked, even transferring Office over.

But, the program costs $50. Is all the software on your old computer worth paying $50 to move to the new computer?

If you try it, let us know how it works. I also have an old laptop with software on it I no longer have the CDs for...

Here's the company link: http://www.laplink.com/pcmover/

a few months ago I faced a situation where I needed to transfer files from one computer to another (I had just bought my laptop), and I googled out PC File Transfer. So I used the direct connection, because my two computers were connected to the same high-speed local network. I am not sure if this program can transfer software.

Look in "C:\WINDOWS\Installer" and have some fun :s

eek sorry, didn't realise what an old thread this was, resurecting the dead :(

Catweazle is absolutely right there is no option to transfer any installed software to another computer or an external drive...you

I just got a new computer and I want to transfer pics, old email and address book and my favorite places, etc. Is there simple way to do this without boggling my mind? I do not have a cd burner on my old computer.

These people say they can do it: http://www.laplink.com/pcmover/. They aren't cheap. It's $69.95 for one transfer. But have any of you used them?

I may have an old Norton Utilities disk around where- only once- they included a utility for moving programs. It seemed to work the one time I used it. They mave have discontinued it since it didn't work well, but it was probably dropped in fears of piracy.

Ah for the DOS days when you just copied the directory.


I used the new SoftRescue Pro from Anovasoft: http://www.softrescue.com
Half the price of PCmover and even less if you buy two licenses together with your neighbor like I did.

Worked very well for both of us and the license is for two moves between computers and no-limit if you reinstall Windows.

no its not possible, you can only transfer your files and data from one computer to other computer, not software

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