I am designing my website with Frontpage 2002 and I am very surprised to realize that my website contents are not in hierarchy structure after I created a site map for it using the feature table of contents provided by the Front page. http://www.vietnamsunrisetravel.com/sitemap.html

I do not know the reasons why the structure is not hierarchy and where to fix that.
Is there any tool/website to help me where to fix the structure?

I really need your help please!

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What do you mean by the structure is not hierarchy???

A web site is a collection of html pages.

IF there are several quite distinct sections, YOU might choose to put then in different folders, and have a menu with sub-sections. But YOU have to build these menus and these folders. A site map is just a list of pages.

So what do you think FrontPage (the sign of the beast!) should have done?


Do you mean that it's no longer in alphabetical order? If so, you can manually edit the Sitemap to be in alphabetical order by cutting and pasting each line individually, if that is the case. Otherwise I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

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