hi everyone, i'm new in web design.
i want to design my own template and maybe i'll use a cms in the future. So, what i don't like in joomla is that adapting a template for joomla is too complicated, isn't it? Any suggestions about good cms, which one is the best? and should i actually use it? Also if u know a good tutorial on how a good template is made, plz share.

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Hi Acute. Actually there are a lot of CMS Software that you can use which are either free or paid. But if you are looking for a free CMS software then you should find out some open source CMS softwares. But always keep in mind that your web hosting service provider must have the requisite applications to support CMS installation. Most of the CMS software needs Php and Mysql 5 and above.

hi acute.

as ranvijay21 mentioned, there are alot of CMS around.

i have never tried Joomla myself, but i would suggest trying Silverstripe CMS


they provide a full Open source CMS, with full tutorials on using custom made templates, and how to prepare them for the CMS.

A CMS is not always needed, I Would suggest using a CMS, if you are building websites for people, as quite often a websites content needs to be updated constantly, and using a good CMS provides users with no knowledge of coding the ability to update all the content on there webpages, through a "hopefully" simple to use interface

As for making your own templates, you can design them in Adobe Fireworks/Photoshop or any other graphics design software you care to use really, and then position the images using XHTML/CSS, but you must follow certain rules for your templates to work with a CMS, which should be explained in the CMS Documentation.

Hope this helps.

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If you're new to WD, could I suggest that you build some sites from scratch to see how CSS works - and try to sort out niggling differences between browsers. If you're going to fiddle with other people's templates - a good grounding in CSS is essential, or you'll be chasing your tail - for eternity!

Templates can be used by noobs who don't want to mess with all that styling and markup, but also by those that can lever in their own functionality. I don't know where you fit in.

Joomla etc can be a bit daunting if you've never used a CMS before (IMO). Most of the CMS systems I've used/investigated look as if they're written by coders for coders! The admin control panels of these packages are just ridiculous - while the public front-ends are nice, the admin panels leave the owner guessing what to do and where. Anyway, that's my rant about CMSes. I've heard a lot of good things about Squarespace - who offer paid hosting with their CMS package. Perhaps worth a look.

You can upload templates to joomla by visiting amazon.com there are plenty of templates prepared for you ...if u want to prepare a templates go for adobe photo shop..But it takes a long term to finalize your template.. other than joomla there is no other cms provides more facility....try by clicking this

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