Hi All,

I'm having problems with my spry menu bar in internet explorer.... it works fine in firefox.

The menu bar on each of my pages drops down as it is intended to in firefox but when viewed in internet explorer the drop down sections appear horizontally and not vertically??

Apologies if this has been covered already in another thread, if it has then please let me know where?

If not then my site is http://www.pandorasjewellerybox.co.uk and any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Pandoras Jewellery Box

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I no longer have problems, all it took was to change the css so that the drop down section under ul.horizontalmenubar ul had a value next to the width.... Apparently internet explorer doesn't like "auto" it has to have something like "11em".

Thanks to anyone that was thinking of replying or was looking for an answer on my behalf.


Phil, if the issue has been resolved you may want to look into marking this thread as 'solved' so it doesn't look as though it's still an active thread ;) Glad you figured it out though.

I will make sure that I do that in future, it looks like someone else may have already done that for me!

Sorry, newbie at this.

Worked for me!

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