I am having problems as I work on a layout for this site http://www.alserracolorado.com/dnn/. It is in DotNetNuke. I am trying to make a pure CSS skin. You can see that the two containers or Div(s) with my content arn't stretching the main cell behind them. Instead it is staying small like 20px or something and they are just extending to the background. How can I make that window resize based on the content of those Div elements? I do not want to have to set a certain height.

The weird thing is this page http://www.alserracolorado.com/dnn/MyFirstPage/tabid/61/Default.aspx works fine. It is only when I try and setup to Div tags is this happening. to divide the page into columns.

Ideas and help are greatly appreciated, it will stop the nervous breakdown lol.

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You've got 8 levels of nested divs for such a simple layout. You must be mad! If this mark-up is due to DNN template - redesign the darned thing - it's horrible! Check to see if your divs are relative positioning or whether you need to place a clear:both somewhere following some float elements.


@Ardav I am using all of those DIVs mainly because of DotNetNuke. I can take code that displays fine in IE, FF and Safari and upload to DotNetNuke, it does some kind of conversion (I am still learning exactly what it does) and bam, it no longer displays quite right. So as I need it to display correctly I have spend days trying to get the code right and this is my last hurdle I believe to learn about. Maybe once I learn more I will be able to stop whatever it is doing, but until then I need this to look right.


Yeah, so? Have you checked the float/clear scenario or positioning?

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