Hi all,

I am developing a website for a friend which was earlier developed by some other guy, basically i am a php pro and dont ve much experience in html (or untill now) ...

now, i am trying to validate my webpage, earlier it was showing 162 errors, i ve brought it down to 1 error (thankyou) ... ha ha

earlier with 162 errors, it was looking good in firefox3 but not loading at all in ie6 or ie7 .....

now since i ve managed to get it down to 1 error, its looking good in firefox as usual and loads on ie6 and ie7 as well but not rendering properly in ie's .... page layout is a bit garbled.

the only error which remains now is .... Attribute "height" exists, but can not be used for this element. .....

now when i take care of all these mistakes ... i.e removing height="100%" in tables .... even firefox refuses to show it properly.

Please point me in the right direction ... i ve been working on this whole site for the last five days .. and its pro-bono ....

i dont know the rules about posting links .... anyways ... here's the link for the page i am talking about ...... i hope i am making sense ...


please view this page in ff3 and ie6 or ie7 to see what i am saying .... any help would be greatly appreciated ....

thanks a million in advance

The table height attribute has been deprecated. It still works fine, but it is not valid in XHTML. Use a CSS style to set the table height: <table style="height:100%" The basic idea is for html to contain the content and logical structure and have CSS handle all display styles.

Thanks a lot mate !! Thanks a lot for taking out time and helping me out !!

it worked ..... now .... the situation is ... the validation of the page is passed ..... i.e when i employ your technique for height attribute .... it looks fine in firefox3 now but it is still looking a bit off in IE6/7 .... think you can help a bit more .... may be if you can push me in the right direction .... like what exactly am i missing now ??

Thanks a lot buddylee .... i owe you one !!

Actually it looks like **expletive deleted**, in firefox IE Opera Safari

tables are for tabular data, not for layout,
tables for layout purposes add to page size, for no value, must be fully loaded before any part of them is displayed, and generally slow down the page
use css for layout

Pixels are for images
everything else should be expressed in % or em,
relative sizes that expand and contract to window size and screen resolution
this screen is 2920 wide 2140 high, your page is constrained to around 760px, has a larger gutter than it does a work space
fixed pixel fonts on the page are invisible, 12dots high when the screen is 128dpi is less 1/10 inch high text
on any other screen size than the one you used to layout this page, it will look like **expletive deleted**
if you reduce the window on your own pc to smaller than fullscreen, it looks like **expletive deleted**
Its easy to fix, there are hundreds of 'why does my website look like **expletive deleted**?' articles to read

"10 common website design failures"
"10 worst website designs"
"why tables are stupid"
have all been article titles in the past.

IE and firefox render tables, and everything else that uses margins and padding differently.
IE holds more market share than all other browsers combined, design around IE's foibles failures and mishandling.
most people dont ask for a carbonated cola flavored beverage, they order a coke