I need some html code or javascript or whatever is best so that I can create a newsletter sign up box on my website. All I need is the person's email to be sent to me. Thank you so much for your help!!!

You need more than html and css to do that!
Will also need a php script.
Nobody is going to cook that up for you. Make an attempt and post the questions/code to the appropriate forum.

I might recommend one of the following 2 resources to help you solve your issue (depending if you're running on a windows or a unix server)

  1. Resource #1 (Non-Windows Server)
  2. Resource #2 (Windows Server that supports ASP.Net)

Hope those help :)

I figured I needed some type of script to make it work. The guy that I worked with to build another side got some script online and it worked perfectly. But now I can't find anything to help me out. I guess I'll tinker aroud with some javascript and see what I can come up with. Thanks guys!

Check out www.dynamicdrive.com
They have all kinds of precoded scripts and functions. Havent checked specifically for your request, but they may have something.