After reviewing the analytics, it seems that the most popular link on my home page is the logo linking to the home page. It has around 18% of the clicks for the last month.

This seems really strange to me. My best guess is that people don't realize that they are already on the home page, perhaps due to it's cluttered nature?

I'm looking for validation or other suggestions about what might be going on.



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We are providing a big space for logo, and the people get on their eye to the logo frequently on every page they visiting. And now we have a strategy to give a link on logo to home page, thats gives an quick link to home page and people even not search for a word home on pages (that appear on menus, bottom links, top header as a home icon etc). So even not completed their readings on the webpage, they want to go home page they simply clicked on the logo to truncate the page and go to the home and followed some other links on the page and again return to the home by clicked on the logo, so on. Thats not the good idea to give a link on logo (hand icon on logos asked me to give just a click on that). Leave the logo as it is without link. bcoz you have the same on Page header as home icon,as a word home and bottom of every page.


Yes the layout is a little cluttered and the design is so 1998. Perhaps you might want to consider using sliverlight or some professional CMS that is more pleasing to the eye.


I dont know that this is a probkem mate, don't people generally click on the banner to get back to your homepage?


The homepage isn't obvious from the navbar - can't see a top level link for it. Also the design looks really cluttered. The dropdown menu seems too compact.
Thought about a breadcrumb to aid navigation? Do you get the 'where the hell am I now' feeling?


Actually everything was said already, but I want to add that your website look to me too cluttered, you may want to change its design, right? Once you change it and the situation will change, people will loose that terrible "where I am now" feeling.

Best of luck!

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