Lately I've been having a problem when the files are uploaded.
Usually when I finish my layout in Dreamweaver, I send my work to the IT Department to upload it. They upload the files and send them out as e-mails. (which are e-newsletters). When I view the newsletter in the e-mail page the layout seems to have a problem.

it turns out like this

which really it has to look like this

but when I click the link to view it as a html page, there seems to be no problem.

If you would kindly answer my question, I would really appreciate it, cos i've been having this problem for a week and somehow nobody seems to know. I really don't know how to solve it.

Thank you very much :)


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Post some of your codes you thought that the problem came from.

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Post some of your codes you thought that the problem came from.

Are you viewing the newsletter in outlook and have you recently upgraded from Office 2003? If so you just have to change your CSS a little bit. When Microsoft created the Office 2007 (and beyond) they decided it was in their best interests to not use the same rendering engine as IE6 and instead use the embedded rendering engine in Word. What this means to you is that you need to code like its the early 90's. Here is a helpful MSDN on what Outlook will support: Your best bet would be to open the HTML in Office first to see the layout.

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