Hello. Here is my website: http://www.keavon.com/. You can view the source for code. What I need to do is lower the 'Newest Game' div down (with white/background color, not the gray) away from the top 'Who Are We?' div. Help would be appropriated! Thanks!

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Add to the css for the upper div


(or whatever looks good)
or add to the css in the lower div


Or both. That should put some white space between them.

Ok, thanks!
So do I add that as

.spacer {margin-top:1em;}

and then assign that with a class or do I add that to the div's assignment like by adding this:

#newest-game {width:210px; float:left; height:100%; [B]margin-top:1em;[/B]}

Thanks! (I'll try both now)

Nevermind, I got it, it's the second option: adding it to the div definer

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