Looking for book or video Recommendations for learning separately HTML and CSS. Online resources are helpful to learn but IMO some need a starting point. Online resources become understandable once the foundation is understood depending on the person because as we all know CSS has plenty of techniques.

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Yes, w3schools.com is very good. Another good site is Alist Apart.

As far as books, I liked "New Perspectives HTML and XHTML 5th Edition comprehensive"

Starts with the basics, has downloadable files to work through, and gets you started using a simple text editor like notepad. It's fairly cheap as well.

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As @Andrew Collings posted, w3shools contains a wealth of information, presented in a really easy-to-understand way.

I'd recommend checking out the HTML and separate CSS tutorials on Tizag. Once you've got to grips with those they offer tutorials where you learn to build a simple HTML/CSS site from the ground up.

Good luck :)


I would agree that W3 have a great CSS tutorial. It helped me out when I was creating CSS styles for Windows 7 Sidebar gadgets. Not sure about their HTML tutorial but they seem like a pretty good site.

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