I have a few adjustments I'd like to make to my blog. I like where everything is, I just want to change the background.

I would like a gray background, which I know how to do, but I also want a white background behind my actual posts, so that I could keep the text colour black.

Does this make sense? Can someone help? Am I posting in the right place?

Thanks in advance,

Hi kstorm, and welcome to Daniweb.

What you want to do is all possible, with the correct css values. The grey color will come in the background of the body section, and the div that is defining your post or text area, you set the background white.

Post the url to your blog, and I will look at your source to help you find the correct places to change background, if what I say here does not make sense to you.

Hi happygeek,

It does make complete sense to me, but unfortunately, I don't know how to create that code. Thank you so much for your quick response and your help, here is the link to my blog.


Hi kstorm

First, happygeek will not be very happy if you call me by his name. He is a legend on this forum, I think. :)

I see now that your blog is one of those shared ones, where they allow you to customize some parts of it.

Now, you should look and see if you can find in the stylesheet you have access to, something like this:

<div class="post-body entry-content">

That looks to me like the place where you should be able to insert a background color, using this:

background-color: #000000;

where #000000 is the color of the background, and this example is black.

I think you will only be able to do that, if that part of the css file you have access to. Maybe, someone here who have experience with blogspot blogs customizing, will know better how they work, and what is allowed to customize, and what not.