Hey guys, I'm creating a website, and when I copy and paste the copyright sign to add it to the footer, i get a weird  character before the copyright sign when I test the website.
Could you please help?

Don't copy/paste the copyright sign from a word processor. That is what is causing the weird character. Instead, use the HTML code ©

So your HTML will look something like this:

<p>Copyright &copy; 2010</p>

To ad to csgal's post.

When you copy content from your computer (like word document), or from other webpages, to paste it in a webpage you are updating, you must remember that the caracters you are copying is already formatted to the format of whatever source you getting it from.

The webpage you are pasting it in, may not recognize some of that formatted caracters, from there the weird symbols you view in its place.

If you have to copy stuff from say a word document or email message, first remove the formatting in it, by pasting it in a plain text editor, like notepad for example, and copy it again from that plain text editor into your webpage.