Hello Everyone,

I've been trying to see if it would be faster to learn to slice my layouts in Fireworks CS4 and export to Dreamweaver or just continue to prepare my assets separately in Photoshop and manually piece them in Dreamweaver.

TO that end I have attached the Free PSD I downloaded and have been trying to slice. IS there a way to slice this and have it come out as it looks? Well..it wouldn't let me attach it so here is the link to it.

Fireworks rocks...and it is way faster for slicing. Here is what you do.

1) Open the psd file and then click on save as...choose another file name. CS4 will then ask you if you want to save it in highset compatibility mode..say yes.

2) Right click on new file and open with fireworks or open fireworks and the open the file

3) It will then ask if you want to maintain layers..say yes.

4) The image then loads into firework. You will notice that on the right of the screen is docking panel that says "pages,states,layers" assuming you are using fireworks in expanded more --- button top right hand side of page

5) use the layers panel to ulock the layers you want to work with.
6) Then use the slice tool to slice and dice your images...always remember that when you have made a slice..you have to indicate to fireworks in what format you want it...i.e gif, png, jpg.... you do this in the optimize panel (right hand side)

7) dont forget to name your slices by clicking on them and then entering their name in the property bar...bottom left of screen

8) Save the file as a png---important so you can make changes later on if need be
9) Select your slices and then right click and select "selected slices" and your done.

Some general notes

You can show/hide layers and can therefore export the background by hiding the top layers slicing the background and then exporting it...you can even hide the slizes in the layers panel if it gets too much

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