Ok the good news is that I kind of fixed it, the bad one is that I don't know why the change I made fixed it.
I simply put the


in a


(and I think somebody mentioned something like that in this thread) and it works as in the line is now floating left in IE7 as well (yay!!) even if it creates a strange effect on the line itself which looks like it has a secondary smaller line running across the whole width... anyway, why would a


fix it? It is just a container!
What I have done I have replaced

<hr id="horizonal_line">


<div id="horizontal_line">

This makes no sense at all to me...

Because a div is a block-level element, where as a hr is an inline-element.

Regards, Arkinder

Oh I see, thanks. I read what you suggested about CSS by the way, it was interesting and useful to know more about floating, thanks. Do you happen to have anything good about DIVs? I am using the W3C schools website a lot, but really, it doesn't explain things, and I often need some more explanation and details...
I will post more stuff about my website quite soon, still have some funny problems but thanks for your help so far

Violet, here's a good site for understanding floats.

w3schools is good for learning most things. They seem to sometimes lack some concepts though.

Another good site is here.

Excellent, thanks!

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