Hi there
I am a web developer, kind a newbie, and I work with html, css, js, php, mysql technologies.
Often I run into a trouble with using special chars, and I’m pretty confused with this issue. I work in Serbia, Serbian language uses some special chars, and sometimes when data is entered (or populated in select menu from database) it contains some of these special characters such as čćžđš. The problem appears from time to time when some specific clients (I don’t know how specific) use this forms, for example- č becomes Ä and data is inserted that way in database. You can assume what mess this is making on my website.
I suppose there are a good technics to get over this, so I need some good hint, tip, pointer or advice about this in general.
Thanks for the time and answers

Do you put in the characters as HTML or regular letters? If you put it in as HTML it should work and stay the same all along.

Form more info check out this page...

I use html for spec.chars, and in head-
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
That’s why this is so confusing. Most of the time everything is ok, but sometimes it happens and I don’t know why. I have located the problem, and it’s in php code that sends data in database. When I simply made a php function that replace string that contains that unwanted symbol with symbol I want, everything is ok, but this is not a real cure for this, just a pain-killer, if you know what I mean…

Cool, maybe you should ask the question in the PHP forum