I need some help! LOL - I have been working on this assignment for days and I just cannot seem to get the CSS right.. Im hoping someone here can help shed some light on this for me..

this is what Im trying to do in my embedded css

Set the width of the table headers within the linktable table to 25% of the table width. Remove the underlining from the links within the linktable table, set their color to black and their width to 100% of the parent element. Float elements belong to the comments class on the pages left margin; set the width of the element to 180 pixels, padding to 5 pixels, text to white, font size 8

here is a copy of my html code that I am trying to create an embedded css for

	<div id="header"><img src="mlogo.jpg" alt="Mayer Photography" border="0"/>
	<map name="MSites" id="MSites">
	<area shape="poly" coords="3,83,20,69,40,66,60,69,81,83,60,97,40,100,20,97"
	  href="mayer.htm" alt="Home" />
	<area shape="poly" coords="103,83,120,69,140,66,160,69,181,83,160,97,140,100,120,97"
	  href="weddings.htm" alt="Weddings" />
	<area shape="poly" coords="203,83,220,69,240,66,260,69,281,83,260,97,240,100,220,97"
	  href="portraits.htm" alt="Portaits" />
	<area shape="poly" coords="303,83,320,69,340,66,360,69,381,83,360,97,340,100,320,97"
	  href="specials.htm" alt="Specials" />
	<img src="slides.gif" alt=" "/>
	<table border="1" frame="above" id="linktable" rules="cols">
	<div id="comments">
		<p><img src="comment1.jpg" alt=" "/></p>
		<p>"We had Mayer Photography do an album for our family reunion. Everyone was so
		     pleased with their work, that they've handled all of the weddings in our family since."</p>

                <p>  Kris Thomson, Grovedale</p>

	<h2>Who Are We?</h2>
	<img src="guitar.jpg" alt="" style="float: right" margin: 5px 0px 5px 5px; />

	<p>Mayer Photography is a family-owned business of professional photographers, 
	providing our customers with the highest-quality images and services. We 
	specialize in <a href="www.portraits.htm">portraits</a>, senior class photos, and <a href="www.weddings.htm">weddings</a>.
	 If your special day is approaching, pay us a visit and we'll show you how Mayer Photography can 
	help you preserve your memories forever.</p>

	<h2>A Family Business</h2>

	<p>Ted and Jane Mayer started Mayer Photography in 1972 after graduating from the 
	New England School of Photography. Their work has won numerous awards
	in competitions across the country. Joining the business in 1992, their 
	sons, Jason and Andrew, uphold the family tradition of excellence in 

	Mayer Photography<BR>
	8911 Bronte Avenue ·
	Elmridge, NH   79112 ·


That's just the homework assignment...where is your attempt at the embedded css?

If you show us that, we will be more willing to show you where you are going wrong. Otherwise, I doubt anyone will actually do the assignment for you.

Sorry, I realized after I submitted the post that I forgot to add my CSS - When I link this to my webpage, I lose all of my text accept for the headers and graphics

/* Kelly ******* - December 13, 2007*/
body {color: white; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-color: black; margin: 2px }
#header {text-align: center}
#linktable {width: 100%; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; margin-top: 5px; margin-bottom: 5px }
#linktable {p:first-child: {text-color: black; text-align: center}
th {width: 25%; text-decoration: none; font-color: black }
#links input.focus {background-color: yellow}
#comments {font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}

Your text disappeared because you set the text color to white in the body style.

oh shoot, thanks! I changed that to background-color instead of color.. now I can see my text..im going to look around and see if I run across anything that will help me figure this out.. I just noticed some CSS links to the right.. :)

It might fail if the browser is set to override the web page to show the standard formats for links.

This is a good reason to never change the styles for links.