I have a question dealing with links and the page that the link is directed to.

So if i have

<a href="www.check.com/check.php">check</a>

And if I click on it and then i go to that page.

I would like the "check" link to be underlined. So I would like the link to be underlined only when it is on the page that its supposed to be directed. I'm not sure if its css or php or javascript?

Can someone direct me to the right direction?

Thank you

Create a style called #current and apply that to the link that refers to the page you are on. Style the link as appropriate - in your case text-decoration:underline;

#current {text-decoration:underline;}

<a id="current" href="thispage.htm">This Page</a>

You'd do this on each page of the site.

then I have to go to all my pages and apply to id='current' to that specific link corresponding to that page? There's no other way? Like javascript or something?

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