i have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 .. i installed it.. and when i use it.. it is fine at first.. but after while it just freezes my whole computer.. maybe it is becuz of a configuration?.. but it freezes for no reason.. and thers no way to restart or turn off.. but to press the restart button.. and the copy of the photoshop isnt bad because ive used it on other computer and it works fine.. any way to solve this problem?

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Very likely you don't have enough RAM, PhotoShop gobbles RAM like a child in a candy store. How much RAM is on the two PCs you mention?

Have you defragmented your hard disk lately? If not, do so. Your swap file [virtual memory on the hard disk] may not be able to find a big enough block of free space to operate properly.

Btw, what OS have you, and how much free space is available on your hard disk?

ohh yeahh.. im thinkin it is the ram then.. because on this computer i only have 224MB of ram.. on the other computers ive had.. 512mb.. i think i will need to upgrade that.. but yeah i just formatted my comp so i dont think i have teo defragment it.. and i have about.. 146 GB free on the hard disk..

Wow, big hard disk :)

If you're using Windows XP or probably Win2000, 224MB is definitely too low for Photoshop. Even with Win9X, you don't have much room for large files.

224MB is an odd number, sounds like 3x64+32 or 128+64+32. If all those chips aren't the same memory type and speed, it could cause trouble.

If you get additional RAM, make sure you only use matched chips.

224MB is an odd number, sounds like 3x64+32 or 128+64+32. If all those chips aren't the same memory type and speed, it could cause trouble.

If you get additional RAM, make sure you only use matched chips.

Very good advice for this problem.

This site seems to break these problems down pretty nicely: http://www.backupbook.com/03Freezes_and_Crashes/0.default.html

actually its only ONE.. weird huh.. i thought so too.. itsj ust one chip.. in thre thats 224mb.. odd to me too.. i will be replacing it soon it should work.. thanks guys

Onboard graphics, 32Mb allocated to video memory.

And yes, I'd agree you need more RAM installed. But I'm also wondering. You said you've just formatted. Are you sure you correctly installed the motherboard chipset drivers and also the display drivers?

how would i do that?

Did you have an Installation CD for the motherboard? If it's a 'name brand' computer, did you use the Revocery Cd or whatever other means was provided to restore the PC to its original state?

If it's a name brand PC what is the make and modsel number please? If not, what is the make and model number of the motherboard? The drivers are obtainable from the manufacturer websites.

If all you have done is to format and load Windows again, then your system is most likely using 'generic' drivers for its components, which may not be providing full functionality.

here i am back again.. well.. heres what i found out.. my other computer has only about 256 mb ram.. not much more than i have on this computer (224mb) and it has a 1.7 celeron.. while my computer has a 2.5.. still that computer doesnt have any conflicts with Photoshop.. and its using winXP.. i jus dont seem to understand whats wrong with it on my computer.

aaronN42, you never answered the questions I asked about the procedures you followed after you formatted and installed Windows XP again. I really suspect you've not installed the necessary device drivers for your system.

Have a read through the pair of articles linked here:


and see if that sounds like the way you approached reinstalling Windows and your system's necessary software drivers. If not, your computer hardware is most likely not working correctly, and that would lead to all sorts of problems!

sorry about that.. well.. this computer i built.. and i have all the drivers.. like the cd to install all the drivers.. i installed every single one back.. and everything else works fine.. just this photoshop freezees my computer..

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