I recently built a new html site and it looked great in FF, Chrome, Safari, and IE8. When I view the site in IE9, it expands vertically, leaving spaces between the images and generally destroying the page layout. I don't know if this is an issue with my html coding or IE9.

Here's the site: http://www.northshoresmile.com/

Any advice would be appreciated. I want to make sure this is fixed before IE9 gets out of Beta.


Looks great to me...

In order to lock a height you need to define it via CSS
Maybe even use an important tag so it wont get run
Over by other attributes

Like so
.somediveclass table td

{height:100px !important}

Hope this helps..

Glen - looks like you were able to resolve this problem. What did you do? I am having a similar issue.

I found a solution using nested tables. You can't set the height of individual cells but you can set the height of a nested table and this solved the problem.

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