This should be a no-brainer for some of the geniuses that hang out here. I have no problem setting up a page, and even using it as a template, but my wife does. You've also seen systems on ISPs where a member only puts in the copy they want and VOILA it magically appears in design form with graphics, etc. This the way I'd like to set it up for my wife; showing boxes where she can set up copy and it will appear magically, nice and pretty. Does anyone here have any suggestions?
Thanks, Giddyup

I'm sorry I really don't understand your question. Please could you rephrase and explain more. Sorry

I'm sorry I really don't understand your question. Please could you rephrase and explain more. Sorry

I want my wife, who doesn't know HTML from shampoo to be able to put up pages with pertinent copy in the design. When she looks at it everything runs together and she doesn't know where to put what.

So what I'd like to do is design specific templates for her to be able to use, and insert information in form boxes. When you click the OK button it would automatically put the information in the right places in the HTML template.

For instance if you go to Comcast and want to put up your personal WEB page it is set up so anyone can do a WEB page without knowing code(mark-up language. All you do is fill in information in a few boxes, and voila you have a designed WEB page.

I hope I've been clear enough.
Thanks for looking, Giddyup

You may like to try posting this in the PHP or ASP forums because what you are doing is a bit more than just standard html. If you don't know php or asp and don't really want to learn I can suggest something like which is a superb customizable web page which you can save to your account on their website. Just take a look. Logically what you have got to do is set up a database which will have fields for each part of your page. Your wife will then submit the form and it will write her entry to the database. The server side code will then call the field and display it. Unfortunately I don't know php well enough to help you. If you keep checking back I might be able to get you a reply from a friend.

I hope this helps you a bit.

I have been told that unless you have some basic knowledge of databases and server-side script it is a bit hard for you to do. I would still advise you to try your luck in the ASP/PHP forums though. They might be feeling more helpful than my friend was;)

Fot that you may also use XML and XSL. Use XML to just store the data and XSL which formats and coverts your data into HTML is always same and act as what CSS does and even more since it converts XML data into HTML>