Hello all,

I was just wondering if there is any possible way to do this:

Have a user webpage, and a receiver page, and a status page.
user page= Form with text Boxes and Submit button. the submit button sends the data to the Receiver page in a table.

The receiver page, refreshes every 15 Seconds, and gets the data that the user page sends. The user of the receiver page then has the ability to approve the data, or delete it.

The Status page, shows the data that has been approved and the data that has been deleted.

Can someone please help on how to send the data. :)

Just put a form with hidden inputs in the receiver page and populate it with data from the user page.

How would I populate the Inputs. And would I be able to take multiple use data. Or would this kind of project have to be done in PHP?

Populating inputs in the sense that you have users from the user page fill in data into the forms... and ES, you can also do it in PHP too, it's easier that way.

Okay thanks, I might try php to do this.