I have received some tips to take advantage of the whitespace on my homepage and I was wondering; What is a good way to utilize whitespace in a way that still pertains to my website and doesn't overcrowd the page? I was thinking of using more defined spacers between the different areas of the site but I would like to get some more opinions. I believe there is a link to the site in my signature but if there isn't the link is LazyCode.info

Thank you in advance for any input.

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What is a good way to utilize whitespace

Before you even begin to utilize whitespace. Let me give you some advice.

Your logo just under the home sign sucks. It's bad. I mean it just screams out, "hey look I know how to use motion/shape tweening so I think I'll use it just cos I can".

The main title. Again, a very unprofessional choice of font.

The thing I like is there seems to be some logic with colour coordination. The green follows throughout which is ok.

I think your site would improve no end if you chopped out the flash and used simple but stylistic html with css. I see you're using css already, use that for the mouse overs as well. The css will also help you rapidly change your site and use/ change the whitespace easily, with perhaps different pictures and such.

You've not changed anything since I last mentioned how your code was an eyesore to read. It still lacks proper formatting and has portability issues.

Good luck.

Well first and foremost my site is definitely not meant to be "professional", just look at the name. Secondly I made a new title with the Verdana font but kept the old one incase I want to switch back. The menu I really don't want to part with I just like it too much. The only thing I was thinking might happen with the logo is that I make it static. Also, regarding readability I have started uploading the exported html files, which one was already there when you went to the site. And in terms of portability I just don't care right now. If I write a program that I'm actually going to distribute that's not solely for the purpose of learning more about the language I'll focus on it, but until then I'll stick with my system() calls, though I do use cin.get for pauses.

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