Hey, I know I havn't been very active on this forum... Well, I have been lurking them, but not posting. Lol. But anywho, I have a question. Look on this website: http://hexagen.webs.com/
Notice the border size. It's less than a pixel. How would I do that? I know that using something like:

border 0.5px solid #222

will just make the browser decide the pixel size, and result in a 1 digit pixel instead, or make the pixel size 0. So how would I decrease the size of 1 pixel?

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You might want to look up 'em'.

Other measures are found here: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_units.asp

You could also view source, open their CSS, and find the element. Just see what they did.

No. I tried all the measurements before I posted.

I think they used an image and not a CSS Border (Firebug is awesome!).

WOW I never would of thought! Lol. Thank you!

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