Hello :)
I was just surfing this forum and i want to thank you, because it really helped me.
Also, i find the sections of the site very useful. Thank you! :)

I've recently started a website that embeds youtube videos, and i have a question.
From what you wrote in the article, i understood that it is ok to embed a video as long
as the person who uploaded it, is his legal owner. And that i should avoid videos that could have been uploaded illegaly on youtube.

Now, my website uses Youtube API, which returns videos directly from youtube.
So, i can't know which videos violate someone's rights and actually delete them, unless they are removed from youtube first.
I am planing to put a REPORT button on every video, that will have a redirect to youtube's copyright reporting sistem.

My website has at the moment a collection over 30,000 videos.
There are plenty of websites that also use YouTube API.
Should i be worried? What do you think?

I think you should not be worried. If someone has a copyright on a youtube video, he'll go to youtube, not your site. If the video is removed by youtube, it won't play on your site, too.

I second that comment by twiss. You are not responsible for the content on YouTube and nothing can happen to you for embedding a video on your site that is hosted through YouTube.

Yes, I agree and BTW if people are not willing to allow their content on other sites they can change that under their settings. So if the embed feature is enabled you shouldn't worry about that all.

Because the videos are embedded and therefore not uploaded to, or stored on your site then the buck stops with you-tube.

The law really depends on what country you're in and possibly the creator.