When designing a new website that will be cross browser compatible.

what way is best to develop.

Should you design and code the css for ie 6 upwards from the start, is this code more likely to work in the other browsers such as opera, firefox, safari, chrome?

Or is it best to develop the other way round and put in hacks for explorer?

I ask this question as the site i have developed works on every browser fine then all the explorers just completely ruined it.

I commented on this thread that touches a bit on that.


I always design for Firefox, Chrome, etc. Usually designing for Firefox make your job easier because if it looks right in Firefox then the chances it will look right in other browsers will be higher. Then you start fixing the problems you find in Internet Explorer.

As far as IE6 goes... I don't do it, not unless the customer specifically asks me to and then I will want a good reason. IE6 is around 2-3% market share and is dwindling fast. I develop for IE7 and up at this point and I usually have to have a separate style sheet just for that to get around issues here and there.

Web designing is very easy... There are templates from which you can develop easily.

Like someone said designing for mozzilla makes your job easier.