I've got the most annoying and strange issue with a the website I'm developing here:


When the page initially loads into IE 9 it looks as it should, right down to the radiused borders, but if I hit F5 and refresh the page it immediately breaks the layout & drops into compatability mode. If you then close the browser and reload the page again all is good.

The page renders as expected in IE8, Firefox, Chrome & Safari, BUT in IE8 compatability mode it looks like it does on refresh in IE9, so I guess that's the clue, but my CSS skills aren't up to figuring out how to fix the issue(s)

Can anyone help? I'm pulling my hair out!

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For me it looks fine, on IE9 Win7 64bit, also in Compat Mode.

Thx for the reply twiss, can you confirm that it looks fine and doesn't drop into compatability mode IF you hit F5? If so I'm willing to believe the problems my IE9 install ;)

Thanks again for your help.


Well, I advice you to check it on another pc too, but it looks fine here.

Tested in win7 / IE 9 64Bit here and yes it is fine, still strange that it drops into compatability mode, but at least it looks like it should.

Thanks again for your help

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