ok... here's the deal...

i'm building my own site, but i'll handle lots of databases and files, so, hosting my page using an external server, meaning, "renting" space in a server, i'd prefer having the information in my own server... so, how do i connect my server to my domain?

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btw... does anyone know where can i buy my domain without being hosted?

Hosting the site with large database on your localhost (is this your computer) can be tough process. database with lots of simultaneous connections takes up lots of RAM. People usually think of space and bandwidth while RAM is always the one that can hurt you with large databases.

After you purchase you domain (internic or whatever) you can point nameservers to your IP.

You said very little about your site and your home server specifications. I do not suggest hosting sites on home computers.

i'm not trying to host my site in my home computer, but in a server used strictly to manage the site.

my site is about sales advertising, something like e-bay, but local for my country...

Then once you register the domain contact your registar for information how to setup nameservers.

yeah, you need to get the domain registrar (they will have a fee) and your ISP (who will also charge a fee) to transfer it

If you'd like to host locally, I'd suggest easyphp. This would probably be a good idea before going live. To speed up the development process

what's the difference?

you can buy domain without being hosted, but i suppose being hosted is the garantee!

Buy domain from namecheap. Change the DNS setting to your local ip address. Make sure your machine is connected to internet.

is there any way to link my DNS to an interface of my localhost and not directly to it? lets say, for security issues...

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